School Houses

School Houses


The Students of Silver Oaks International School were divided into four houses; BALANCED, COMMUNICATORS, CARING and PRINCIPLED. They were created to develop teamwork and sportsmanship in students. The creation of these houses also helped in developing self-management skills as we had to manage school work, house (School house) work and our homework. Not to miss out, leadership was also a main aspect.

The four different house were given the names ‘Balanced’ ‘Caring’ Communicators’ and ‘Principled’  in particular, as they are the four main building blocks to a great personality and part of the IB LEARNER PROFILE. All the students excluding Pre-Primary were secretly observed for a few days and then put into these groups according to the IB Profile they best showcase, while also making sure that all of the houses were equally balanced.

Each year, a new captain and vice captain is appointed through a voting process. This year (2016 -17) new leadership roles were introduced; Cultural Secretary, Sports Secretary and the Student Editorial board member, adding to the 2 roles from last year, Captain and Vice-Captain.  Each team, with the leadership of their captains, works towards winning the ‘Rolling trophy’ given at the end of each academic year by giving their best at cultural, academic and sports activities held throughout the year.


How was the House Leadership formed?

On June 20th 2016, there was the first house meeting of the year, during which the election process was started. Prior to meeting, the principal had told all of us that there would be elections for the Captain, Vice-Captain, Sports Captain, Cultural Secretary, and Editorial Board Member. Prior to the house meeting, all of those who were eligible (grades 7-9) went to the atrium to fill up the Entry Forms for the elections. During the house meeting, everyone eligible had 4 minutes to tell a short on-the-spot speech. During the speech, we had to tell which position we wanted, why we wanted the position, and why the audience should vote for the candidate speaking. Everyone performed really well, and was able to outline their thoughts for the house’s progress this year, too. The second stage in the election process was an interview session. In the meeting, questions were asked, ranging from casual questions like, “Do you talk to your juniors? What do you talk about with them?” and other questions like, “What would you like to see changed in the school?” to more serious ones like, “If you become captain, what role would the vice-captain play? Would you listen to the thoughts of him or her?”

Finally, the next Monday (the 27th), during the house meeting period, there was an assembly in which the positions were announced. Since there were 20 students eligible, and 5 roles in each of the 4 houses, all of the students in grades 7-9 got a role in the House Leadership.

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