Pre-Primary World

Diaries of the Pre-Primary World :

Our little Acorns, pre-primary, Silver Oaks International School of Bangalore learn in the most innovative, interactive and age appropriate way.
Under the Theme, " Who we are ", they learned about healthy food and healthy habits.
Role play as fruits and vegetable vendors and their customers was enacted.
The students learned language and management skills.


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The children of Pre-Primary, Silver Oaks International School of Bangalore, went on a field trip to a vegetable farm.They were excited to see brinjal plants more than 5 feet tall with loads of long green brinjals.They saw tomato,chillies,cucumber plants.They also saw farm hands transporting ragi saplings for transplanting.
They also visited a hollow block factory to see how the blocks were made.Children had the opportunity to see how saplings are grown in seed trays in a nursery which was adjacent to the farm.The children were very happy to carry a brinjal or tomato back home and share their experiences with their parents.

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To give our pre- primary acorns a hands on experience related to the theme 'Fruit, vegetables and plants’ they were taken on a visit to a nearby plant nursery. It was amazing to see them observe different plants and flowers. They were excited to interact with the gardener and were curious to see how he used his tools to dig the soil. They were so happy and sang “the gardener plants the see” rhyme as soon as they sighted one gardener-- Silver Oaks International School of Bangalore .

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