Hindi Diwas 2016

Hindi Diwas Celebration 2016


“Language stands at the centre of the many interdependent cognitive, affective, and social factors that shape learning” ….. by David Corson. We at Silver oaks believe in it strongly and are certain of that acquisition of more than one language enriches personal development and help facilitates international mindedness. To promote this our school celebrated “Hindi Diwas” on 23rd September 2016


The celebration was started by our first graders by their melodious “Swar Maala Geet” which was followed by a short skit on “Barkha aayee” presented by Grade four. Grade five mesmerised the whole school by their patriotic song on “Jhasi ki raani” narrating the life history and the battles fought by Rani Lakshmi bai. The mood continued and another patriotic song “Hum bharat ki shaan hai” was sung by our second graders.
Our Hindi language is enriched by some great poets like Kabir, Tulsidas, Suryakant tripathi ‘Nirala’ and many more, and our sixth graders recited some of their famous couplets(dohe). Inspired by these famous poets our seventh graders created and showcased a poetry book and presented it to our Principal, Shanthi Ma’am.

IMG_0232IMG_0191A language has the potential to increase intercultural awareness and understanding and enable students to remain in touch with, and maintain esteem for, the language, literature and culture for their home country. To seek this Grade three praised Hindi by singing “Sanskrit ki ek laadli beti hai yeh hindi” and Grade seven sang “yeh taara who taara” promoting unity in diversity.

The finale of the programme was a comical skit (nukkad natak), united with a social message on Corruption prevailing in our society, enacted by our eighth and ninth graders.

The event concluded with some inspiring and admiration words from our Principal, Shanthi Ma’am.  






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