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Silver Oaks International School of Bangalore is proud to inaugurate INTERACT CLUB OF SILVER OAKS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF BANGALORE, sponsored by the Rotary club.

Interact is a service club to connect young people while serving their communities and learning about the world. It blends well with the vision of the school “Live for a purpose; learn to apply; Lead with determination and Leave a timeless legacy”.

We at Silver Oaks strive to develop young leaders who care for their community. We intend to make Interactors grow more independent and nurture leadership in them. They will develop confidence as they plan meetings, organize their projects and serve the community.

i3What is the Interact Club?

The Interact Club is a club, which is the combination of “International” and “Act.” It is basically a mini rotary club. Rotary clubs are part of Rotary International, and international NGO that helps the poor. Rotary has been behind the creation of many international agencies, like the UN. The roots of Rotary's representative network actually predate the formal chartering of the UN after World War II.An Interact club is similar to a Rotary club, but Interact clubs are for middle-aged children (grades 6-10).


After a visit by a Rotarian (for a different purpose) with our Principal Mrs. Shanti Badrinarayanan, it was decided that an Interact Club could be made in our school, too. Our school got a team together, which is grades 6-9, to be part of the Interact Club.

The main positions are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, Director-Community service, Director-Youth service, Director-Club service, and Director-International service. Everyone else in the Rotary club works as a part of one of those departments or as an assistant director. Out of the many shortlisted ideas, the ideas that are most likely to be picked by us are planting trees in our area or helping out (adopting) a nearby government school.

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