IBPYP Coordinator








5 years of intensive training I underwent and the experience I derived from classroom teaching through IB methodology, allowed me to explore the inquiry mode of learning in depth.

IB workshops - Teaching and learning, Inquiry category – 3, Making PYP happen, Teachers as researchers and PYP assessment moulded me as a researcher to design the learning experiences in the class room.  I had the privilege of winning TAFIT - 2015 Award. (Teacher Awards For Innovative Teaching)

Motivational conferences like – Education in an Era of Globalization – Howard Gardener; Find Your Voice-Meena Raghunathan; Five Minds For The Future – Dilara Syed; Teaching Science – Seetha Murthy; Education Today Society Tomorrow have further moulded my professional skills.

I love interacting with young learners and facilitating their learning process I take pride in exploring ways and means of developing conceptual understanding in them. It is my desire as an educator to help students meet their fullest potential in their interested areas by providing an environment that is safe, hospitable and one that encourages risk-taking.