Field Trips

Field Trips are an essential part of our study. As per the on going inquiry cycle or the study topics students and teachers visit relevant places to have hands on experience and learnings.

Educational Tour to Brain Museum, Grade 6th
Students were thrilled  and mesmerized to see the real organs of human body and a few animals as exhibits and to have hands on experience as well !!! They were thrilled to know about a few factors affecting health. They were able to understand the importance of safety rules.

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Post Office Field Trip, Grade 1st

Today 26th August 2016 Grade 1 had gone for the field trip to the Kormangala Post Office.

Children understood the importance of Address writing and explored different steps how letter reaches to home. They made connections to what they had learnt in the class and loved identifying different signs/symbols and landmarks. As a part of action taken they enthusiastically shared their understanding with classmates and teachers. Going further the explanation given by the post master, buying the stamps and finally posting the letters were the most thrilling experiences they had.

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Visit to the Bakery, Grade 3rd

“You can have the cookies and eat them too”. This is exactly what happened when students of Grade 3, Silver Oaks International School of Bangalore, visited Carnival cakes and bakery on Sarjapur road in connection with our ongoing inquiry on materials .Students enjoyed adorning the chef's hat and hands on learning procedure to assemble, decorate and bake assorted cookies under the guidance of experienced chefs. They also got familiarized with the process of bread making and decorating the specialized cakes for various occasions .On the way back they got to pack & carry their baked cookies to sample with family and friends.

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Visvesvaraya Science Museum, Bangalore, Grade 5th-9th

As a part of the ongoing scientific inquiry under the Theme “How the world works ”, a field trip was organized on October 18th 2016 to Visvesvaraya Science Museum, Bangalore . Students from grade 5th-9th went to the field trip.
The acorns reflected on the exhibits and enriched their learning experiences. It helped to develop deeper understanding of scientific principles.

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