Annual Opera “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”

The Annual Opera 2016 held on December 17th was a great success. The theme was “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam;” Vasudha- the Earth, Eva- Indeed is, and Kutumbakam- family, literally meaning that The Earth indeed is a family.The theme was amazing, and surely  opened the eyes of many people. It brought a sense of togetherness among all people present at the great event.


There were dedicated timeslots each day for the preparation of the opera. Its was a month long rehearsals and preparations. Writing the scripts, making props, preparing the slides for the LED screen, dance choreography, composing songs, making the act ready. All was an in-house effort of the students with the support of the teachers.


The entire show revolved around a few young women (grades 6-9) travelling around the world; 6 countries in 6 days, and how they realize that however different we all may be and whichever part of the world we come from, we all have some or the other thing in common the two most special being humanity and togetherness.


The travelers, aka Women Orbiting World (W.O.W) started from their home; Karnataka with a great dance on their adventure and reached their first destination; Bhutan. They were astonished by the Gross Happiness Index at Bhutan and admired the way the government cared so much about the happiness of their people, and so, they decide to express all their happiness through dancing for the one and only “Happy” song; by Pharrell Williams.



Their next stop was the imperial China- personified. The personifications of China (the boys of grades 6-9) explained the rich history of China, and how the first Chinese emperor united a divided China and created some of the world’s most culturally rich artifacts that are still there today. To better showcase the culture of ancient china, the boys put on a Kung Fu show for the audience too.


The WOW travellers were then very hungry after travelling to all these great places, and decided to head to Venice in Italy next for the country’s divine pasta. Although they did find Italian food to be a little bland after eating the extreme spices of southern India, they did love to see the spectacular Gondola ride for which Italy is famous for.


After this, the WOW travellers and their tour guide went to one of the most culturally rich places in the world- Mexico. In Mexico they learnt about the culture of Mexico. They were also invited to a wedding, and they learnt all about Mexican cultures and the similarities between India and Mexico. To their surprise, they found that Mexico and India are very similar! They learnt that Mexicans too have giant families (uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends, cousins and more!), and that Mexican food and Indian cuisine is similar. They found out that salsa is like chutney, and that their tortillas are similar to our rotis.


The 5th international stop was Egypt where they met a few fine young ladies that took them around the amazing Egyptian cuisine and the highlights of Egypt. The travelers collected their souvenirs from Egypt and headed straight back to their home, where, after witnessing the bright add to dictionary celebrations, understood that wherever you go, there is nothing like home. And for their accomplishment of travelling to 6 countries in 6 days, they were invited by the king of Mysore, to give their taste buds the taste of home.


A final dance was done with characters from all the countries the travellers had visited to depict the theme of the Opera; Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. The dance showed the entire audience how the theme of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam reverberated within all of the students of the school. Once the entire event was over, some amazing music was played by our music teacher and all the parents, teachers, and kids were called upon the stage to dance their hearts out. And of course, nothing gets over without music which is why we had the school band, “Koldrop”, play some soothing music to relax our ears after which the families gradually departed.


Moments of the day ...


Team Publication @ SilverOaks International School of Bangalore