Annual Sports Meet 2016-17


Sports competitions give us a platform to learn life lessons. We learn to learn from mistakes, finding out the leader in us, controlling emotions, tackling pressure, knowing responsibility and many such aspects etc. and we walked through these stages while we competed. Competing in sports we intend to give our best performance. Be it in showcasing our physical dexterity or in controlling our emotions; it makes us ‘Fit For Life’ and that’s the theme of our sports day.

Sports meet opened with Basketball and Football on 22nd August 2016. Draws made by house captains to decide the playing combinations. All the matches were conducted on knock – out basis. In the inaugural match Caring house overpowered principled house by 2-0 goals in the junior football category. At the same time Communicator house couldn’t withstand the teamwork of Balanced house in the first Basketball match in the senior category. In the nail-biting match balanced won by 2 points with a score of 10 is to 8.
As the match progressed all the eyes were on the house point tally. House captains and sports secretaries including me, planned different strategies to move our house scores up in the table. Table Tennis, Chess and Tennis kept the sporting spirit alive throughout. Practice for track and field events were started well ahead to showcase our physical dexterity. We were allowed to choose 3 events out of 5 which are 100 m, 200m, Long Jump, Shot Put and a long distance run which varies from 200 m to 1000 m in different categories.