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Admissions Open for 2016 - 2017.

Congratulations Ms Anuradha, ICT Coordinator and ICT Curriculum Designer of Silver Oaks International Schools Hyderabad and Bangalore for Receiving the National Award for School Teachers for "Using ICT for Innovations in Education".

17th September and October 1st would be working Saturday and students will follow Wednesday and Friday schedule.(Nursery to Grade IX).

24th September: My learned world for Nursery to PP2 and PTM for Grades I to IX.

23rd September Friday Good habits festival (regular school time).

M/s scribbles will be available at the school on 24th September from 9 am onwards. Please note that this will be your ONLY opportunity to pay and order for the winter jacket at school.


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About Silver Oaks


What is one thing essential in a great school ? High quality relationships
Peter Drucker
As the word ‘culture’ implies, it requires ‘cultivating’, just like a garden, regular and specialized work that is daily, weekly, seasonally, annually. It requires weeding, fertilizing and pruning and sometimes even a complete makeover, then more weeding, fertilizing and pruning.
Cultivating a beautiful or purposeful garden never stops and ensuring the right school culture is just the same.
High quality relationships are essential in a great school that supports today’s learning paradigm, one that engages young, passionate learners and at the same time motivates and inspires committed educators.
Silver Oaks values trust based positive relationships
Positive tenor, encouraging conversations, human bonding and the respectful relationships
Fulfill the love and belongingness needs of every child and adult in the school
Because young people spend 8 hours a day, day after day month after month and year after year for 14 years of their schooling days, the school feels responsible to ensure that their safety and security needs, belongingness needs and self esteem needs are satisfied to ensure that they work towards their self actualization
Silver Oaks works towards creating a conducive environment for positive emotional growth


Live for a purpose
Learn to apply
Lead with determination
Leave a timeless legacy.


To integrate in teaching and learning, the goals for conservation and social justice. To develop civic virtues and emotional skills that can empower our acorns to be icons of personal and social change who will play leading roles in the transition to a sustainable future.


Where The Mind Is Without Fear And The Head Is Held High


Speak softly and pleasantly.
Smile always.
Be positive and progressive.
Feel good, look good and do good.
Have and show confidence.